Tiger Cubs are born Blind.

Tiger cubs are born blind. Yup, that’s true. They remain dependent on their mother for the first two months. The tiger cub’s eyes open around six to twelve days from their birth. However, they attain full vision after a couple of weeks.

At this stage, they are completely vulnerable to every other predator. That is part of nature’s balancing act, which allows a fair chance to others against the apex predator. The tigress is solely responsible for the protection and care of the cubs that’s why she leaves them only for short periods.tiger-cubs

Tigeress usually give birth to around seven cubs, but the average size of its litter is three. The tigress spends a lot of time at the late stages of pregnancy searching for a safe birthing place. Tigress is overly cautious when caring for young cubs. For instance, she will immediately move cubs to a new place if the surrounding area gets disturbed or threatened.

The tiger cubs start following their mother for casual walks or on drinking trips only after two months of age. Tigress will spend nearly 70% of their time nursing and caring for their cubs. The cubs spend most of their time playing with their siblings and they become independent after seventeen to twenty-four months of age.

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So now we know that Tiger cubs are born blind and how tigress takes care of them. Also, we know how nature plays its balancing act to allow a fair chance to others against the APEX predator. 🙂. So that is all for now, meet you in my next article. Keep Reading, Keep Exploring, and Keep Sharing your Knowledge, and above all BE CURIOUS. 🙂

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