How a 2 meters long DNA is fitted into a 2 micrometers Nucleus?

An average Human cell (diploid) contains about 6.4 billion base pairs of DNA divided among 46 chromosomes. The length of each base pair is about 0.34 nm. Therefore, if the DNA molecule in a diploid cell were laid out end to end, the total length of DNA would be approximately 2 meters.Since the diameter of a typical cell nucleus is only 10 μm, it is obvious for us to know that how is it possible to fit 2 meters of DNA in such small space without getting tangled up. The answer lies in the remarkable manner in which a DNA molecule is packaged.


11 Things Parents should know about giving Antibiotics.

Antibiotics have been around for many years and if your baby is 3 years or few months old then it is evident that you may get confronted with antibiotics 4 to 5 times in a year and may have fears and doubts about antibiotics. Moreover, many of you may have a habit of taking antibiotics on an… Continue reading 11 Things Parents should know about giving Antibiotics.


What are Ocean Dead Zones? What Causes Them and How Can We Prevent Them?

Dead zones are areas of the ocean where the water has low levels of oxygen, which can be suffocating for marine life. Ocean dead zones are increasing in size and frequency since the 1960s and could occupy around 20% of the world's oceans. These zones are caused by a variety of factors, including agricultural runoff, sewage discharge, and climate change. There are ways to prevent dead zones, including reducing agricultural runoff and increasing the number of wetlands.