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Animals are members of a group of biological organisms classified in taxonomy as the kingdom Animalia, based on certain shared characteristics. The word “animal” refers to all members of the kingdom Animalia, encompassing creatures as diverse as sponges, jellyfish, worms, insects, fishes, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals (including humans).In everyday non-scientific usage, the word animal is often used to refer only to non-human members of the kingdom Animalia.

How does a Tadpole change into a Frog?

A freshly hatched tadpole larva has a limbless body divide into an ovoid head, a short trunk, and a slender tail. At this stage, there is no mouth and as a result, it cannot take anything from outside. Most of the nutrition is provided by the yolk material. The exchange of gases takes place in three pairs of highly vascular and feathery external gills. Continue reading How does a Tadpole change into a Frog?

11 Amazing facts about Butterflies.

Nature has created many beautiful masterpieces, but a butterfly is the most beautiful and colorful masterpiece. The vivid colors of butterfly wings are so life like that sometimes people call them “flying flowers”. Do you know, these colorful creatures actually belong to the insect family of the animal kingdom. Here are some amazing facts about butterflies that may surprise you.

Continue reading 11 Amazing facts about Butterflies.

Mesozoic Era – the Age of Reptiles.

The Mesozoic Era started about 225 million years prior to the present era, the amphibians were declining after a long period of supremacy among the animals and the reptiles were gradually replacing them. Many of them became very large fearsome and came to dominate the animal life practically everywhere. As a result, giant reptiles, dinosaurs, and other monstrous beasts become very abundant and spread into all habitats. For this reason, the Mesozoic era is also called the Age of Reptiles or the Age of Dinosaurs. Continue reading Mesozoic Era – the Age of Reptiles.

Why is the Two-Kingdom Classification System Inadequate?

We can easily distinguish a living animal from a living plant in our surroundings. We do not find any difficulty in identifying an animal as long as we see it moving, eating and alive. When it comes to plants, we have an image of a structure having spread out appearance with green parts like leaves in our mind. So, to keep it as simple as it was, Carolus Linnaeus classified all the organisms of the world into two Kingdoms i.e. Plantae and Animalia. Continue reading Why is the Two-Kingdom Classification System Inadequate?

What are Swim Bladders?

Swim Bladder, also called air bladder, is an expandable gas-filled sac that helps many bony fishes to control their buoyancy in order to stay at their current water depth without having to waste energy in swimming. A swim bladder is similar to a lung in structure and function in some primitive fishes, but it is not a lung because most cases its primary role is not respiration. Continue reading What are Swim Bladders?