What is Carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide poisoning mostly occurs in winters, when we use coal, wood, and other carbon-based fuel to produce heat in our homes. […]


Free Radicals: What is their role in making us old?

From the beginning of time, humans have always been concerned about aging and have tried every bit of ability to defy this process. Many of us believe that aging results from the repetitive damage caused to our body cells due to radicals produced by the everyday metabolic activities that usually sustain our life also create “metabolic stress”. But, recent studies are proving this theory of aging wrong, and are saying that so called – “evil radicals” are not so evil. […]


How do Bacteria become Resistant to Antibiotics?

Bacteria often become resistant through different kinds of mechanisms. One kind of mechanism is never confined to any specific class of antibiotics. Different resistance mechanisms are used in different bacteria to confront the same antibiotics. Prevention of Drug’s Entry, Driving out the drug, and altering or degrading the antibiotics are some of the examples of mechanisms of antibiotic resistance employed by bacteria. […]


11 Things Parents should know about giving Antibiotics.

Antibiotics have been around for many years and if your child is of 5 years or younger than it is obvious that you may get confronted to antibiotics 4 to 5 times in a year and may have fears and doubts about antibiotics. Moreover, many parents may have a habit of self-prescribing medicines or may buy medicines on an old prescription. Such habits are not good for your child’s health. There are precautions and measures we should take before using antibiotics. […]