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Technology deals with the use of scientific knowledge for creating technical means and products that can help us in our day-to-day life. Here you will find articles about automobiles, electronics, biotechnology, applications, sustainable technology and everything that involves use of technology.

11 Methods of Food Preservation used by Food Industry

With the beginning of civilizations and human settlements, the consumption of food by the human population increased and thus, the need to preserve excess foods became essential for survival. Since then, many traditional and household methods of food preservation have evolved to limit food spoilage. Such as cooking, the addition of spices and fermentation. Continue reading 11 Methods of Food Preservation used by Food Industry

What are Explants?

Explants are small pieces of plant parts or tissues that are aseptically cut and used to initiate a culture in a nutrient medium. Explants can be taken from different parts of a plant such as shoots, leaves, stems, flowers, roots, and from many types of mature cells provided they can de-differentiate into totipotent cells. Continue reading What are Explants?