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Here at Science Samhita, we aim to write concise and understandable scientific articles.  Due to such concise nature of our articles, some of the technical or scientific terms are not always explained properly. So, here we have a list of the scientific terms used, and a brief definition of what they mean. Contact us if you think some other terms should also be  included here!


Adaptive Immunity
Allergic Reactions


B Cells or B Lymphocytes
Biotic Community


A distinct ecological community of plants and animals living together in a particular climate is called a Biome. According to Clements and Shelford, a complex of several communities in any area, represented by an assemblage of different kinds of plants, animals etc., sharing a common climate, is called a biome. Thus, a biome is a bigger unit than community and constitutes the great regions of the world distinguished on an ecological basis.

Biotic Community

Biotic community is an assemblage of populations of interacting plants, animals and microorganisms living in the particular habitat. A Biotic community may include organisms that can draw in and fix external energy into the system, typically primary producers, additional organisms that feed on this fixed energy, consumers and Decomposers that decompose and mineralize the dead matter to release the energy back into different pathways.

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