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Earth consists of the mother earth and everything that is connected to it. It covers all the aspect of living world i.e. planet earth & its geology, environment, microbes, climate & climate change and natural hazards.

What is Soil? How is it formed?

Every day we see small grasses, shrubs, herbs, plants and trees around us, all this vegetation is growing in soils. We play in the ground covered with soil. The beautiful parks built in your neighborhood are built on the soil. Thus, the soil is an important part of our surrounding environment. It is an important resource that decides the diversity of life in an area. But what is Soil? can you describe it? and have you wonder how it is formed? and what are various processes involved in soil formationContinue reading What is Soil? How is it formed?

11 Amazing facts about Butterflies.

Nature has created many beautiful masterpieces, but a butterfly is the most beautiful and colorful masterpiece. The vivid colors of butterfly wings are so life like that sometimes people call them “flying flowers”. Do you know, these colorful creatures actually belong to the insect family of the animal kingdom. Here are some amazing facts about butterflies that may surprise you.

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