11 Industrial Products that are derived from Microbes.

In Industrial microbiology, microbes are used to synthesise a number of products valuable to human beings. This industry has provided products that have profoundly changed our lives and life spans. These products include beverages, food additives, products for human and animal health, and biofuels. […]


11 Methods of Food Preservation used by Food Industry

With the beginning of civilisations and human settlements, the need to preserve excess foods became essential for survival. Since then, many traditional and household practices have evolved to limit food spoilage. Such as cooking, the addition of spices and fermentation. In modern commercial food production, spoilage and contamination are preserved by a variety of methods such as Filtration, Lyophilisation, Refrigeration, Pasteurisation, Canned Food, Vaccum packing, Irradiation, Food preservatives etc. […]