11 Kinds of Synthetic Fibers that we use in our Daily life.

Synthetic fibers are polymers made from small units joined together through chemical synthesis. The chemical synthesis of synthetic fibers involves polymerization i.e. combining monomers units to make a long chain or polymer, a process known as polymerization.


11 Methods of Food Preservation used by Food Industry

With the beginning of civilisations and human settlements, the need to preserve excess foods became essential for survival. Since then, many traditional and household practices have evolved to limit food spoilage. Such as cooking, the addition of spices and fermentation. In modern commercial food production, spoilage and contamination are preserved by a variety of methods such as Filtration, Lyophilisation, Refrigeration, Pasteurisation, Canned Food, Vaccum packing, Irradiation, Food preservatives etc.


What are Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases?

Fifty years ago people believed that the war of humankind against infectious diseases was virtually over. They thought that science had won over diseases such as pneumonia, whooping cough, polio, and smallpox with the help of antibiotics, vaccines, and some aggressive public health campaigns. But, after the 1980s, emerging and re-emerging diseases have caused havoc. In… Continue reading What are Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases?


11 Things Parents should know about giving Antibiotics.

Antibiotics have been around for many years and if your baby is 3 years or few months old then it is evident that you may get confronted with antibiotics 4 to 5 times in a year and may have fears and doubts about antibiotics. Moreover, many of you may have a habit of taking antibiotics on an… Continue reading 11 Things Parents should know about giving Antibiotics.