​Why are some fungi grouped under “fungi imperfecti”?

There are over 100,000 species of fungi. Some of them are one-celled like the yeasts; others are complex like mushrooms and some of them are called imperfect fungi. Fungi are the major decomposers (besides bacteria) and some parasitic forms of fungi may also cause diseases in plants and animals. Classification of Fungi: Classification of fungi is largely… Continue reading ​Why are some fungi grouped under “fungi imperfecti”?

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Why is the Two-Kingdom Classification System Inadequate?

We can easily distinguish a living animal from a living plant in our surroundings. So, to keep it as simple as it was, Carolus Linnaeus classified all the organisms of the world into two Kingdoms i.e. Plantae and Animalia. But the grouping of such diverse organisms into only two kingdoms was not satisfactory to many biologists of that time.